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I have listed 9 steps to increase your views on Youtube by applying Growth Hacking methods on Youtube (the AARRR tunnel, automation tools …).

The name Growth Hacking (which can be translated as “Hacking Growth”) comes directly from Silicone Valley.

Growth Hacking is divided into 2 distinct but complementary elements:

  • On the one hand Growth based on a methodology (the AARRR tunnel) and processes to ensure the growth of its business with a budget and limited time.
  • And on the other hand Hacking, which consists of using clever tools and tactics to boost growth and surpass competitors.

The goal of Growth Hacking is to achieve maximum efficiency, that is to say, to have maximum results with minimal effort.

It is therefore an indispensable tool if one has few means, or that one wants to exceed competitors established on the market, even on Youtube!

For that, it will dare to think differently from all the others, and especially to rationalize its choices to exploit judiciously its resources, then to make the most of the levers of growth to increase power (the scalability).

If Growth Hacking comes from startups, it is because they have had no other choice than to make Growth Hacking, because either the startup succeeds in doubling its competitors and finding its market, or it disappears …

This is why we often remember the spectacular cases of hacking in the techniques of Growth Hacking because it is sometimes small techniques that allowed to create real empires …

An iconic example of Growth hacking was made by Airbnb, which began its growth by capturing prospects on audience hubs like Craiglist.com.

They set up a software that allowed them to automatically send a message to homeowners on craiglist by offering to place their ad on Airbnb and increase their income by more than 500 € / month …

But Growth Hacking is not only that, it is especially the AARRR tunnel that allows structuring its growth, and this is what we will see right away.

Apply the principle of Tunnel AARRR to make Growth Hacking on Youtube!

growth hacking youtube

The AARRR Tunnel analyzes the sales cycle, from prospecting to loyalty , in order to determine where to act in order to improve its profitability.

This analysis can be used to make a timely diagnosis of the company, or as a tool to define each week its priorities.

The point is to choose rationally where to focus, and to measure the results.

The principle of using the AARRR tunnel can be schematized as follows:

For this you need to gather key indicators of your business at different times of the sales cycle.

1 – Acquisition

Acquisition , it means how do you attract your prospects on your videos and what your efficiency for this?

for example

  • Does your traffic come from the Youtube search engine or through other channels?
  • Are your videos optimized (thumbnails, keywords …)?
  • What are the most viewed videos and are they the ones that will help you sell?
  • How many videos do you have?

The goal is to know if you attract the right people, if your performance is good or not …

You can thus identify that you do not have good performances in the suggestions of videos of Youtube, that Google does not bring enough traffic, that you attract strangers whereas your products are sold in France …

2 – Activation

Activation, that is, how many people take action?

for example

  • How much do you subscribe to your views and how does it evolve?
  • How many people buy your products, subscribe to your newsletter …?

The goal is to see if your efforts to attract visitors are paying off.

You can see that your links in the description of the video are not clicked, that people do not subscribe enough …

3 – Retention

Retention, which corresponds to fidelity.

for example

  • How much viewing time do you have?
  • Do your newsletter subscribers, chatbots … click to see videos?
  • Do your current customers still buy your products or maintain their subscription to your products & services?

You may be surprised to see that people are not watching your videos until the end when the call to action is announced …

4 – Recommendation

Recommendation, which can be defined by the virality of your videos.

For example :

  • Do people share your videos (number of likes, comments …),
  • Do some of your videos become viral? And why ? Can you do it again?
  • Does your affiliate program or sponsorship pay off?

The goal is to find out if you can base yourself on a base of Fans who will talk to you about their contacts.

If you do not have enough word of mouth you can for example offer gifts, launch a contest, sponsor, ask people to react and launch a promo operation via your newsletter to immediately drain traffic …

5 – Income

Income which aims to analyze how you earn money.

For example :

I also want to receive advice on BloggingI WANT THE FREE GUIDE

  • What are your sources of income?
  • Can you sell premium / accessory / complementary / … products to increase your sales?

To manage problems on the part “Income”, instead of offering training & ebooks you can offer individual coaching, you can sell a monthly subscription …

6 – Identification of the “weak link”

Identify where it’s not going in the AARRR tunnel to act on it first .

Decomposing the tunnel into steps allows you to identify the weakest link.

For example, if you capped at an average of 50 views for your videos when you’ve published more than 300, then you clearly have a problem with either keywords, video optimization, or interest for the subject…

Be careful not to do a bad analysis, for example by telling yourself that if you want to have more views, you need more and more videos (it would be effortless for little results).

7 – List ideas in brainstorming mode to think “out of the box”

Take 1 to 2 hours to list any solutions that might help you solve this problem. For that, do some research on Google, ask your contacts or Facebook Groups … The principle is not to stay in the usual solutions, but to question.

8 – Select rationally via the ICE method the most effective actions

Select from your list 1 idea quick and easy to set up (the quick win), and 1 to 2 ideas that will bring maximum efficiency .

To identify which idea is the best, write down from 1 to 10 each idea with Impact / Cost (time & money) / Effort as a criterion.

You will then choose the best idea.

9 – Put together the best ideas, and measure the result

Launch these actions, and measure the effectiveness.

If that does not help, stop and go to another idea, and if it works try to optimize even more (by automating, subcontracting …).

Some additional tips for doing Growth Hacking on Youtube!

To make Growth Hacking on Youtube, the use of the AARRR tunnel requires to apply some simple principles.

  • It is essential to measure the effectiveness of your actions.
    • For this, set up a systematic tracking of your sales, URLs … to see for example if people click on your descriptions, if your videos on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook … generate customers.
    • For this you can use clickmeter.com, linktrackr.com … and at least Google Analytics.
  • Follow 3 or 4 key indicators every day.
    • Such as sales, the number of subscribers … to know where you are and the results of your actions.
    • On the other hand, define “sprints” in order to be focused on key elements and not to scatter you.
    • For example a quarter on the optimization of your videos, a month on the production of videos, and 1 week on the optimization of existing videos (keywords, titles, description, thumbnails …).
  • Always start with a small sample, even if you do it manually ( eg republish your 20 best videos on Linkedin with a 10-minute format), then try to optimize the process (eg subtract, immediately produce 10-minute format …).
  • Take some time to think about finding original solutions
    • Finding original ideas requires getting out of the box, and so not to confine oneself to one’s usual ideas.
    • You must therefore spend a minimum of 1 hour doing your research, if possible more and with several people.
    • Then note in OneNote, Evernote, Google Sheets … good ideas, software … to test as soon as you think about it!

Growth Hacking tools for Youtube!

increase your youtube views

In addition to the AARRR methodology, here are some Growth Hacking tools to use on Youtube, and in your videos more generally.

Choice of keywords.

  • Semrush.com : it’s the tool rolls to find the keywords most typed by Internet users, plus a good choice of alternative keywords (expressions related to your main keyword).
  • vidiq.com : analysis of your videos and those of your competitors (to note: with the new version of Youtube this tool has lost some interest).


  • Zapier.com : the essential to automate actions between different platforms (ex: publish a youtube video automatically on a Facebook page …).
  • Jarvee.com : it is the Swiss army knife of growth Hacking, it allows to follow the subscribers to a chain, to like / comment / … automatically videos on Youtube … but also Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin …
  • Linked Helper for Linkedin to send direct messages, select the right people to add as a contact …
  • Twack.it to automate messages, additions, welcome messages on Twitter

Subcontracting in offshore

  • Fiverr.com : the international site to use graphic designers to make your thumbnails, to subcontract your editing, your transcriptions, voice over … Prices start at € 5 for the simplest benefits but they climb quickly for advanced actions .
  • 5euros.com : the equivalent of Fiverr.com in French, and Upwork.com: the marketplace for French-speaking freelancers (France, Africa, Canada, Mauritius, Madagascar …).

Promotion & traffic generation

  • Gleam.io to organize viral competitions (ex: draw lots who like your Youtube channel).

Landing Pages

  • Hotjar.com to analyze how users act on your website (unfortunately it does not work on Youtube).


  • Buzzsumo.com : to identify who are the influencers in your sector.

You can discover more than 150 other tools for doing Growth Hacking and WebMarketing in my Top 150 marketing tools .

Practical case of Growth Hacking Youtube using the tools of Growth Hacking!

The interest of Growth Hacking is to be able to multiply its visibility on the web at lower cost.

Thus, with a few tips and good tools it is possible to generate much more visibility to your videos published on Youtube and automate simple actions.

1 – Blog article to video & podcast

For example, every week I publish a new article on ConseilsMarketing.com.

From this article, I realize a screencast (reading the article with little tips in addition) with Camtasia(on PC – 150 euros) or Screencastify (Chrome plugin 30 € / year).

I then publish this record:

  • In video format on Youtube & Vimeo .com
  • In Audio format (podcast) on AudioBoom & SoundCloud , with Audioboom which publishes automatically my podcast on Itunes, spotify …

Then, thanks to Zapier.com , the video that I posted on Youtube is then:

  • Go on my Facebook Page
  • Relayed to my Twitter account via an image that automatically resumes the thumbnail

2 – From video to text

Conversely, when I produce a native video (eg a web seminar, an interview …), I am the following:

  • Extract Audio (PM3) files to turn the video into Podcast.
  • Transcribe the Youtube video file
    • on auphonic.com for automatic transcription via Wit.ai’s free transcription service.
    • Either Sabrina my virtual assistant in Madagascar for me to make a manual transcription.

The choice between transcription by a person or a software will come from the quality of the sound, the technicality of the speech.

Indeed currently automatic transcription tools fail to recognize the voice well enough to offer quality text.

  • Retrieve the text and get it back on TipsMarketing.com to make a written article or a summary of the video.
    • It is important to note that an oral text can hardly be copied / pasted directly to make a blog post, because the oral and the written are very different.
  • Schedule the promotion on my different traffic channels (eg subscribers to my chatbot Messenger, my newsletter, notifications via the browser, inmail on Linkedin …), then schedule the republication over several days / weeks of this content via Buffer.com or Swello.com.
  • Quote the influencers mentioned in the interview / web seminar either in the scheduled status, or manually by sending a message (via email, Linkedin, Facebook … depending on the channel).

A note: if your video is long (eg 30 minutes or 1 hour of recording), you can also reuse your transcription to make a white paper, quotations extracted …

In the end, thanks to these very simple techniques, quality content can be immediately available on several channels.

We can even go further, for example by subcontracting specific montages of his videos for Linkedin (10 minutes), Instagram … as well as images with excerpts of quotes for a new relay on Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook …


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