How can I optimize my website design to improve my SEO?

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Great website design plays an important role in making a digital presence a thriving success.

However, without putting the right SEO efforts in place or designing a website without paying much attention to Search Engine Optimization, a website owner will greatly fail in putting a product in front of its customers.

If you don’t wish your website design should eventually fail on Google, here are a few basic SEO principles and great content development practices to help you rank better.

Here are a few important tips from the SEO perspective that one should keep in mind while designing a user-friendly search engine optimized website.  

1) Make Website Navigation More Search-Engine Friendly

Although, using flash to add navigational elements to your website can make it more interactive, but it can have some great negative effect on web crawlers.

Website designers/developers who don’t specifically know their way around flash usually ends up making Flash objects inaccessible. As a result, web crawlers face difficulty in indexing.

Unless you don’t have a sound mind on how to use Flash, we recommend that you don’t go for it. Instead, you can use CSS and JavaScript to add the same fancy effects.

The best part is… you won’t be sacrificing your website’s ranking on Google Search Engine.

2) Pick Images So You Can Perform SEO on them Too

When designing websites many people fail to optimize the images on their respective websites.

They only optimize the content and they usually forget to do the same for their images.

However, only an SEO specialist or a person with some relevant SEO background can actually tell you how important it is to use search-engine friendly images in their site.

It is a formidable step that is taken by many SEO services offering lucrative SEO packages.

Therefore, when you are deciding to use an image on your website, make sure that you neither use large images nor too small.

Instead, make use of moderately sized images.

Make sure that your website images should be around 30 to 100kb and have an image resolution of at least 72dpi.

As per why shouldn’t one consider large images for the site?

It’s because large images will eventually slow down your website and have a negative effect on your site ranking.

Hence, it is advised when you upload images, in the alt text section use a relevant keyword.

It will help you with your site SEO and improve overall ranking.

Optimizing your images for web is important for not only the user experience (large images increase page load time) but they can also affect your SEO.

3) Map Appropriate Keywords in Your Website Design

People focus on using different keywords within their website copy.

However, they neglect to add relevant keywords in proper locations on their website.

Hence, when a crawler crawls a user’s website and indexes it, it relatively fails to identify relevant keywords.

By the way, you can make keywords a part of your site design by including them in categories.

And that’s just one of the ways how you can include keywords in your website design.

There are several other ways to include relevant keywords in your website.

Other than the images, you can include keywords in your;

  • Heading tags,
  • Title tags,
  • metadata,
  • navigation,
  • bullet points,
  • title attributes,
  • breadcrumb trails,
  • footer links,
  • URL’s,
  • file names,
  • folder, etc.

Here is a complete web style guide based on designing websites which are SEO friendly.

4) Use JavaScripts in Your Website Only When Necessary

Many organizations make this mistake abundantly.

They resort to Javascript when it comes to web design.

However, such a practice can have detrimental effects on the site.

When you send your website live on the Internet, the search engine readily crawls your website in order to index it.

At the same time, it also determines your site ranking results.

If your site is heavily induced with too much-unwanted Javascript codes, it becomes difficult for the web crawlers to crawl your website and it eventually takes time to index it.

Also, it takes a good amount of loading time and one silly mistake can disturb the UX.

On the other hand, Javascript doesn’t work perfectly on different mobile devices.

Hence, it is best advised that you follow simple and easy steps for search engine to read your website.

Make sure that your website is as user-friendly as possible so your visitors can have fun.

It’s why if you take a look at some SEO packages in Dubai, they will often ask you to remove Javascript codes from your website and favor CSS more.

5) Lastly, Integrate Social Media to Your Website Design

It is without a doubt that search engine values social media as much as you value your prospective customers.

By integrating different social media elements within your site design can eventually help you rank your website better on different search engines.

Therefore, when designing a website make sure to include all social media channels on your respective website.

You can include Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Including social media icons on your website will not only allow you to rank your website quickly on search engines, but it will also help you connect with potential customers.

It is a great SEO design practice. Even though many individuals include social share icons on their blog posts and websites, they rarely do work on them with their web designs.

The Significance of SEO Optimized Website Design in the Modern World

Everything that we do on the Internet today is because we want to put our business forward in front of our prospective customers.

From social media practices that we follow to including appropriate keywords in our site content, from polishing up our brand to making our web design interactive, everything focuses on creating an online experience which attracts customers to our businesses.

We use keywords to rank our website content in relative markets.

And keeping the SEO aspect in mind, we design websites so it can get easily identified by our customers.

The importance of SEO is highlighted in the online world with the number of individuals searching for queries relative to your business in the world of the Internet.

And more than 90% of individuals prefer Google the right place.

Henceforth, it is important that when you create websites they are compatible with the standards set by Google.

With that folks, I am signing off for the day, until next time.

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