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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service in Kenya is indisputably the most crucial piece of online business’ success. A productive SEO marketing in Kenya can be the main difference between a business that makes its online proximity felt and one that is basically unappealing.

As the best SEO company in Kenya, we have made this refinement the very ethos of our association and it is our goal to give our experience and learning to you. We have an industry driving standard of achieving high search engine rankings and can give your business improvement that is for the most part unattainable.

As a Nairobi SEO Company we appreciate what it takes to help your online profile and draw from the total comprehension of our SEO Analysts, SEO Link Builders, SEO Copywriters and SEO Web Designers to build up a brand for your business that is unrivaled, an image that will bolster your detectable quality and makes new links for your unique business goals.


There is zero doubt that SEO has an impact on your online business. SEO in Kenya has kept on changing, and its importance is continuing to increase. Let us talk about Google Local Seo Kenya and why you need it.

Since the inception of local SEO in Kenya, it has made a significant effect on small businesses. Most small companies have overlooked the importance of local SEO in Kenya, which explains why they do not feature in Google search results.

What exactly is Google Local SEO?

Local SEO is the term used to refer to search engine optimization on a particular local geographical location. There is no doubt that any local business can make use of this technique to desired results online.

Most people are searching for local items key in their location on search engines. Therefore, it is important to have search engines realize that your business is located in a particular area.

Let’s take for example one is in need of content marketing services and keys in ‘kenya content marketing.’

Here are the Results

local seo experts in kenya

As you can see the results includes a secluded box with physical map results at the top. This will give these businesses more exposure and branding which is good for their businesses.

You can see that Getsales is ranking for the keyword both in the organic results and the map. This is very important for my business.

Why Google Local SEO Services is important

The current Google algorithm pays attention to local results, which they consider more relevant for searchers. If you are using Google Kenya to search for items, Google will deliver results based on the IP address of the user. Google has the capability of narrowing down the results to any particular location in the world. Therefore, Local SEO is capable of boosting rankings in the search results.

Here are some of the reasons Google Local SEO services are essential to your business:

  1. People are searching for your products online. Since the inception of the internet, more people are researching for information online before making a decision to purchase. It would be wise if they find the information they need on your site. This will give your business a higher chance of having a new client. This is the reason you should be at the top of search engine results.
  2. It helps to boost your brand. Local SEO targets people who are around your location. Hence, they will be able to find your site and associate with your brand. You can list all your services and prices on your online website.
  3. It increases your conversion rate. Local SEO in Kenya will help to provide targeted people to your business. If your company offers services that are fixed in one location, you will receive appropriate clients from that location who have a high chance of converting. There will be a limited chance that you have someone from India visiting your site, yet you offer services to people in Kenya. Do you get the sense?

Google local SEO services in Kenya will have a direct impact on your business. As you have seen above, you need to optimize your site to have the benefits mentioned. Many people are losing out because they have overlooked what local SEO can do for their business.

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