Is the Sarahah App dangerous for your teenage kids?

Sarahah app dangerous

The new talk of the town is the ‘Sarahah’ app that has kept people very active in social media. There is an obsession where social media users would want to know something more about their connections anonymously.

A spouse may be afraid to as you somethings directly, but has all the courage behind the cover of an app, that you ‘trust‘ will not disclose your identity and still give a honest opinion.




The Saudi Arabian developer, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, had no idea how this technology would come to impact a lot of people, especially teens, when he launched in in February 2017.

Initially, the app was developed to assist companies get honest feedback from employees.

The only way that companies can get to improve their services and working relations was to get feedback from their employees.

In the past this exercise has been difficult because the employees were afraid to disclose their identity in case they say something that would alarm their boss and get fired because of it.

Sarahah, which means ‘honesty’ enables users to give an honest opinion about their friends without letting them know their identity.

How Sarahah App works

This is not the first app to hit the market on the basis of anonymity. Previously there have been others such as,, anonymous Q&A and many more gossip apps.

Sarahah is very easy to use, you just download the app, create an account and you have a unique shareable link that you send to your friends.

From there, anyone with access to your link care, share their thoughts and you reply back, if you wish.



The main reason why this app has grown popular is because you are able to confess to anything without revealing an identity.


sarahah example

Most of those who have grown up in Facebook and Instagram craze know the importance of this.

There are strings of confessions going round in social media currently. That is, if you have nice friends, the opposite is very true.

sarahah app dangerous

The danger of cyber bullying with Sarahah App

Just as any other anonymous app, Sarahah has its challenges. One cannot control the comments that come from other people. There are those malicious individuals who are up to expose their hatred to their colleagues. This is very common among teens in schools, who could use this opportunity to send hateful messages to their classmates.

One of the reviewers of the app on iTunes noted “My friends and I have all received hurtful messages.

This app is just a way for people to bully people without any consequence because you can’t even message them back. It’s a way to hide from people you obviously have a problem with and attack them without being able to defend themselves.”


Cyber bullying and Suicide among teens

Children that are bullied by other classmates using apps and other social media platforms online are likely to have suicidal thoughts and event attempt it according to recent studies.

Research has also indicated that the danger of suicide is not only on the victim of cyber bulling but also the perpetrator is at a high risk.

Commenting on the cyber bullying figures, Professor Paul Montgomery, from Birmingham University, suggested mobile phone companies had a part to play in tackling  too.

“The people doing the bullying themselves have issues that cause them to act in that way, so it is unsurprising to see that the cyberbullies themselves, in turn, have these quite marked problems,” he said.

sarahah cyber bullyingSarahah’s emergence comes as a national survey found about 15 per cent of schoolchildren report being bullied every week. It is very difficult to track the bullies with this app, putting people at the risk of cyber bullying.

How to keep your children safe from Sarahah app dangerous Cyber bullying

Parents have the responsibility of ensuring that their children are safe from cyber bullying.

One way is to install software that can restrict the contents of your child’s access.

You should be able to identify the people that your child keeps company with online and discourage them from those that are not actual friends.

Ensure that your child understands the dangers that comes with posting personal information online.

Sarahah users need to understand these dangers and only download the app if they are comfortable.

Just like many other apps online, the developers have very little control on the damage that it might bring to those who misuse it.

It is up to the users to be responsible enough to keep out of harms way.


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