How to Make Money on Facebook in Kenya

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The growth of social portals such as Facebook is impressive every day. Its progress is so great that today this social network is a great source of profit. 

A movie, several trials for scandals, comments for any photograph, thousands of games, friends, family and lots of memes meet on the Internet and all in one place and is called Facebook.

Perhaps for you, it seems an enigma that a company that only works to keep people together by publishing photos, videos, promoting games and other things, is highly valued. 

It would be interesting to take advantage of that, so today we will show you how to make money with Facebook in Kenya.

The first thing you should understand is that what you see on Facebook published on your timeline is not there by chance.

It is because the social network knows your preferences and tells its suppliers who advertise in the profiles of people like you. That is publicity.

Earn money by streaming 

Facebook from a few years began a monetization process for its customers. This is by posting notices on user profiles, relating their preferences and announcing if any of your contacts are playing online or not.

Games is another space that Facebook began to use to earn revenue. The sale of spaces, permissions for notifications, tools and gadgets within the same games generate the company billions. 

You can start selling these types of items to get real money. However, the caveat is that you will have to spend many hours inside the games to get valuable winnings.

Facebook monetization

One of the secrets of how to make money with Facebook is to create your own content and open a monetized account on the social network. This will allow you to monopolize the display of the content you share with your friends. Work with Facebook right now, it is an opportunity that anyone can use to monetize their content or videos.

Regular users of this practice are the media and news agencies. But you too can benefit, as long as you have the willingness to create your own content, which becomes viral and is viewed by many people. 

For every click that a person makes in one of your posts, that will become cents of dollars that as time passes, will accumulate.

Before we go any further, you can check out this short video of how to monetize your content on Facebook.

Videos, the real secret

It is not a secret that YouTubers are one of the best-paid people in the world due to how popular videos can be converted, for this reason, Facebook decided to enter this market.

Facebook currently pays more money than YouTube for the number of people watching the video. Your income will increase if you access some Facebook rules, such as allowing you to place advertising on some parts of your video.

In order for you to earn money with Facebook, the content must be useful for all people and be very careful with Facebook’s terms and conditions.

In this sense, you should avoid making videos of sexual or violent content. This can lead to users denouncing your videos as inappropriate for the community, removing them from your playlist and ending up sanctioning your income platform. For this reason, you must be very careful.

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