If you hit the  ‘publish’ button on your Facebook ads and off they joyfully set out toward approval before going live straight to the audience you chose, correct?

Well…it’s not exactly that straightforward. In fact, I was really frustrated by one campaign I was running for a clothing store in the local Kenyan market.

Here is the campaign I set up.

It is common knowledge that the most critical part is getting Facebook to approve your Ads. What I came to find out is that there are more factors involved that one has very little control over. This is exactly what we will discuss in this article and find out how to fix such issues that could sabotage the success of your Ads.

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So by the end of this article, you will be able to understand why;

  • Facebook ads active but not delivering
  • Facebook Ads active but not running
  • Facebook ads active but no reach
  • Facebook ads not spending budget
  • Facebook ads not spending money
  • Facebook ads approved but not spending
  • Facebook ads active but has no impressions

How Does Facebook Determine Ads to Run?

Every Facebook advertisement goes into an AUCTION before anybody ever observes it.

If your response to that is ‘ What is Facebook Auction?!’ This could be one of the fundamental reasons your ads are coming up short…

It is important to understand the bidding process so that we can be able to know how and what type of ads to run for your campaigns.

Your ads go into a bidding process, not simply with other contending promotors in your area, but also countless different promoters who are focusing on your niche. It could be they are targeting to promote the same product or different from what you are doing. That is the reason you will need to stand out from the crowd and give your best.

Facebook utilises a recipe to choose which ads will be appeared and to who – this, therefore, is the means by which Facebook computes whether your promotion will be appealling to a client.

Therefore, Facebook uses this formula below to show Ads


This shows how Facebook endeavours to adjust offering value both to clients and organisations, however, what does everything mean?

☎️ BID 💸

This is quite clear – it depends individually on a bid procedure and the spending that you set. A great many people leave their ads on auto-bid, however, FB advertisers – particularly when endeavouring to scale campaigns – will play around with the other alternative of manual bidding, which I wouldn’t prescribe for amateurs.

You will rfeally need to know what you are getting into before getting into this manual bidding. Sometimes you may end up spending thousands of dollars without much results.


Each adset in a promotion campaign is optimised for a different activity that you’ve picked, regardless of whether that is clicks, engagement, purchases, or any of alternate alternatives accessible to you. These variables take into account how likely the individual seeing the advertisement is to make that move that you’ve optimised for.

This is the reason, despite the fact that the audience measure you have chosen for an advertisement may be 800,000 individuals, if Facebook thinks just 80,000 of those individuals are probably going to click your promotion then it won’t demonstrate it to the rest (consequently why the recurrence or number of times individuals see your ads will rise despite the fact that it hasn’t contacted the entire audience).

This tells you one thing, the objective that you have chosen has a great deal to do with the ad being shown. I may be matching all the demographics that you have selected in the interest section, but if I am not likely to act in the manner of the objective chosen, then I will not see your ads.

Let’s take an example, that I have a Facebook page with thousands of members. You know that Facebook will not show your posts to all of them except the last 50 individuals to interact with the page. That will mean that you will have to boost your post but specifying it to the people who like the page.

However, no matter how much you have to spend on the ad, not all the members will see the post. It will limit the boosted post to the people who are likely top engage based on your objective.

If you are looking to receive messages, Facebook will show the post to people in your page who are likely to reply and show them repeatedly.

Assessed activity rates are ascertained given an individual client’s history of clicking/connecting with, and so on with ads and add your own particular verifiable advertisement information – so if your ads have a low CTR (Click-Through Rate), this is the place it will hurt you.

facebook ads click through rates


This evaluates how much value your promotion is giving to the individual seeing it (and it’s consequently you get punished for having messages excessively in advertisement pictures since this influences them to look nasty and like something that dropped out of a neighbourhood paper).

This must be the area that could have hurt my campaign above too. It had a lot of promotion on the image making it a bad target.

Client Value is the place Relevance Score (which you can see on every individual advertisement in Ads Manager once they’ve achieved 500 individuals) becomes possibly the most critical factor.

This is a RELATIVE metric which just measures how pertinent and drawing in your advertisement is contrasted with others focusing on the SAME audience.

It’s likewise not the most essential thing in the world, but instead many individuals get excessively hung up on having high pertinence scores.

✅ If your ads are performing based on such measures, for example, regardless of whether your advertisement is prompting purchases/has a high CTR/low CPC, you can practically overlook pertinence score.

It’s solitary a marker of how well your advertisement is focused on, something that can conceivably raise or lower the general expenses of your promotion.

The other factor in deciding User Value is Ad Quality.

This fundamentally implies if your advertisement is getting a great deal of contrary criticism (individuals x’ing out of it, announcing it as spam, clicking that they don’t care for it) its value will be diminished.

Advertisement Quality additionally considers whether a man has generally been occupied with similar ads.

Things being what they are, and now that you know the recipe, how does the sale procedure really function?

When a client opens up their news channel, they in a flash see ads.

The sale starts, Facebook institutionalizes the consequences of the recipe above to represent different occasions (i.e. I may focus on an audience with a lead generation advertisement while you may focus on a similar audience for a click), the aggregate value is computed and after that the triumphant promotion with the most elevated aggregate value is indicated.

Entirely shrewd how Facebook does all that (and besides choosing which posts from companions, family and different business pages to indicate you) in a matter of seconds, would it say it isn’t?

Presently, how might you utilise this information further bolstering your good fortune? By employing the second 50% of the equation above to beat promoters with open wallets who are bidding higher than you!

Guaranteeing your ads have high calibre and pertinence implies that you can beat individuals in the sale regardless of whether they are set up to pay more than you, which is something of a leveller if you are going up against greater organisations and brands.

In my scenario, I was going against top established e-commerce such as Jumia, which has a deep pocket and most probably would place higher bids than anyone. So my solution to counter this is to produce the best content that would give user value and increase Ad Quality.

more traffic

 This is an extraordinary aspect concerning Facebook Ads; any business, regardless of how vast or little, can discover accomplishment on the stage.

It just takes a touch of diligent work and, indeed, an interest regarding cash.

I’ll wrap up here with a response to the last inquiry you’ve presumably got – how does Facebook choose the amount you are charged for your ads?

The Total Value computation above figures out who wins the sale, yet not the cost.

Mostly, the manner in which it works is that all you are charged is the base sum that you would have expected to bid to win the bartering.

Here’s an exceptionally simplified case of this in real life (not considering User Value or Estimated Action Rates):

Publicist 1️⃣️ bids $ 0.25

Publicist 2️⃣️ bids $ 0.50

Publicist 3️⃣ bids $ 0.50

Publicist 4️⃣️ bids $ 5

In the closeout, Advertiser 1 is probably going to get not very many impressions of their ads. 2 and 3 will get a decent number of their ads appeared at costs somewhere close to $ 0.26 and $ 0.50. Publicist 4 will get considerably more impressions – yet rather than paying the full $ 5, they will most likely come in at somewhere close to the $ 0.30 to the $ 0.75 territory.

When in doubt, this implies you are charged short of what you really bid.

It additionally implies that it’s relatively futile making little bids like Advertiser 1 as you will wind up losing biddings that you could eventually have won for just a minor piece more.

It’s consequently that the base most Facebook publicists will spending plan an Adset for is £5/$5 every day, or else they will pointlessly lose barters.

So there you have it, now you comprehend significantly more about how the Facebook ads functions and how you can receive the best in return.

A debt of gratitude is for reading this long article, and I wish you the good luck in the entirety of your future Facebook advertisement endeavours! Any inquiries, ask below.


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This was quite helpful. Helped me figure out which ads are not running.

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